Haviva Kohl

Board of Advisors

Haviva Kohl

Haviva Kohl currently works at Google designing education programs for traditionally underrepresented populations in tech to make sure that they have a path to Google. She is the former National President of Strong Women, Strong Girls, an organization focused on eliminating the ambition gap for girls in low-income communities.

Haviva has extensive international and national experience in the social sector, having served as the Executive Director of Teachers Without Borders where she led the first Teachers conference in the Great Lakes region since the 1994 genocide in Rwanda.

In 2009, Haviva launched the Marketplace School Initiative (MPSI), bringing an educational program to women and children in African marketplaces, helping them with business-focused literacy and numeracy programming that could help them in their business lives without impacting their daily work life. She was also previously the Education Director for Miracle Corners of the World in Tanzania where she pioneered the use of an integrated school nutrition-feeding program that enabled the community to grow food that was then used to attract children to school, keeping them healthy and engaged throughout the school year.

Post Africa, Haviva worked under the Bloomberg administration managing the Leadership Pipeline, a multi-million dollar initiative to identify, support and advance school leaders for the NYC Department of Education. She is extremely passionate about genocide prevention, having grown up in a family where loved ones were lost in the Holocaust.

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