GSF Welcomes U.S. Federal Judge’s Sentencing of Gervais Ngombwa

Posted: March 15, 2017
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On March 2, 2017, the Honorable Linda Reade of Cedar Rapids, Iowa sentenced Gervais “Ken” Ngombwa to 15 years for immigration fraud to obtain United States Citizenship in which he claimed he was a victim of the 1994 Genocide in Rwanda. As it turns out, Ngombwa had actually been convicted multiple times in Rwanda for participating in the genocide and Rwanda had issued a warrant for his arrest. In fact, one of the witnesses, a genocide survivor who was interviewed by United States agents in Rwanda recalled observing Ngombwa when her mother was killed and seeing him kick a newborn to a dog which subsequently attacked the child.

Referring to Ngombwa, judge Reade stated that, “there isn’t a doubt in my mind that he was an active participant, indeed a leader, of the genocide in Rwanda.”

Mr. Ngombwa had lived in the United States for decades and is also expected to plead guilty to arson and insurance fraud, after setting a fire to his home.

Genocide Survivors Foundation (GSF) commends judge Reade, the entire prosecution team, as well as all the federal agents, and genocide survivors who worked relentlessly to bring Mr. Ngombwa to justice.

Upon completing the 15 year prison term for the immigration fraud, Ngombwa should be swiftly transferred to Rwanda to answer the genocide charges.

The United States need to make it clear as homeland security agent, James Webb rightly puts it, that “human rights violators who flee atrocities they committed in their home countries will never find refuge here in the United States.”

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