GSF Founder Interviewed by CCTV America on International Women’s Day

Posted: March 8, 2016
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GSF founder, Jacqueline Murekatete, was interviewed by CCTV America on International Women’s Day, a day which is celebrated annually on March 8th and focuses on the celebration of women’s economic, political and social achievements as well as current challenges in the area of women’s rights.

Ms. Murekatete was invited to share her experience as a survivor of the 1994 genocide against the Tutsis in Rwanda and her genocide prevention and human rights work since then.

Ms. Murekatete spoke about the horrors, suffering and loss she endured as a young girl during the genocide simply because of her Tutsi ethnicity, and how that experience transformed her into a passionate advocate for human rights which necessary include the advancement of women’s rights.

Ms. Murekatete was also interviewed about some of the current human rights crises around the world including the crisis in Syria, Burundi, South Sudan, ISIS atrocities in Iraq and beyond, as well as the current refugee crisis and how it should be properly handled.  She also had the opportunity to share Genocide Survivors Foundation (GSF)’s current work to raise awareness about genocide and other forms of mass atrocity crimes as well as to raise funds to support vulnerable survivors in their ongoing struggle to rebuild their lives.

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