GSF Condemns the Desecration of the Genocide Memorial in Gishanvu Sector, Rwanda

Posted: January 24, 2017
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On the morning of January 23rd, the people in Gishanvu sector, Rwanda, woke up to a horrific sight. A local genocide memorial where 200 victims of the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi are buried had been smeared with human feces including the genocide plaque which bears the victims’ names.

As one survivor rightly put it, such act is a big setback for genocide survivors in Rwanda who since the genocide have been trying to rebuild their shattered lives even when many of them still live next door to genocide perpetrators. Such act also shows as the article rightly states that the ideology of genocide is still alive and well in the minds of some people in Rwanda.

Genocide Survivors Foundation (GSF) therefore calls on the authorities to carry out a vigorous and thorough investigation and bring all those responsible for the desecration of the above mentioned memorial to justice. Local and national governments in Rwanda must speak clearly and in the strongest terms to condemn such acts and show all Rwandans that such acts will not be tolerated in modern day Rwanda.

Full article about the discretion of the Gishanvu sector memorial can be found here:

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